Friday, December 31, 2010

Bringing in the new year!

Since I am working and can't download and recent pictures I decided to blog about the memories from 2010 and what exciting things are going to happen in 2011
2010 Things To Remember
  • Our wedding! I can't believe it's almost been a year. I remember that cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet are not as easy as they look. It was fun to see alot of people I haven't seen forever.
  • Our honeymoon! San Diego is gorgeous and our hotel was so close to the beach. We loved going for walks on the beach. We also saw a seal swimming next to us when we were on the wave runner it was incredible!
  • Lots of friends getting married. It was fun to be able to go to the temple and witness the weddings finally!
  • I passed the NCLEX and Drew put up with me during my studying. I had been dreading the NCLEX day since the first day of nursing school and it was finally over!
  • I started a new job. At times the hours are rough and I complain but I am so lucky to have gotten my dream job right out of school. I love working in the NICU and being able to see miracles happen.
  • Drew and I both got to experience each others family reunions. Drew's was at redfish lake in Idaho and mine was at Holland Lake in Montana. It was fun to get to know people better and finally understand the family reunions we have been trying describe to each other for a long time. In Montana we also got to sleep in a tent for the first time together and I don't think I have ever laughed that hard... I am forsure a bigger camper then Drew.
  • My nephew Nixon was born in Feb! He is the cutest and happiest baby there is. I feel so lucky to be able to call my family my best friends.
  • Drew had surgery and I got to be his nurse afterwards. I was excited beforehand but it was rough during. I hated seeing him in so much pain and not being able to take it away. We stayed at his parents which was fun but I don't ever want to see Drew like that again.. it broke my heart.
  • Reunions with friends. Some friends from elementary school started doing dinner together so we could catch up. It has been really fun seeing girls I haven't seen since 6th grade. We also went to a highschool reunion with close friends from highschool yesterday and it was lots of fun. So many memories I feel like I should still be in highschool where does time go?
  • We've had a great year together and are excited to see what the future holds!

Things to look forward to in 2011

  • Our 1 year anniversary is on the 2nd! Holy cow time flies. Drew switched shifts at work so we could spend the whole day together. Drew is so perfect for me and I'm lucky I got him :).
  • Drew graduates this spring! He is graduating in exercise and sports science. He is so excited to be done with school and move on with life.
  • I am going back to school next week.. bummer. But the only good thing is that I will graduate in December! It's full time all year but it'll be worth it is what I have to keep telling myself.
  • We are going on a cruise in March! This cruise has been booked since before we got married and it's finally almost 2 months away! We are going to the Eastern Carribbean with my family. Drew has never been on a cruise and I am so excited for him to love it as much as I do.
  • Drew turns 25! We can finally go on vacation and rent a car!
  • Because we can rent a car we are going to Hawaii! We earned free plane tickets with our credit card so we decided we had to go to Hawaii. It's Drews birthday and graduation present we can't wait!
  • We also have more fun vacations in the summer. We are going to Arizona to see my brother graduate from medical school. Wahoo! Then we are headed to the cabin for the 4th of July. Then up to Redfish after that. Finally, we want to make a trip to Oregon to visit friends and because Drew decided we are Oregon fans since we don't agree on Byu vs Utah.

    I am already excited I don't have to work next Christmas!! I have been dreading that I had to work Christmas since I was hired in March.. now it's over and next year hopefully I won't have to work 5 holiday shifts because I missed out on alot this year.
  • We are excited for this year and are excited to eat our red velvet cake on Sunday that we have saved for a year!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Bowling with Jannali and Ryan. Super fun and cheap date.. bowling was free and we had peppermint ice cream and hot chocolate at our house while watching the jazz game.

Festival of trees

I love going every year and Drew puts up with it. We had scones, sweet rolls, fudge, and Drew tried divinity for the first time.. I don't know what's not to love.

This was made from 4 trees.. so crazy. I wonder how much it sold for.


My Utah fan

Our first christmas tree and it's a real one. Drew really needed a real one so I said if he remembered to water it everyday so it stayed alive til Christmas we could try it. It took 4 hours between buying it.. strapping it to the car.. trimming it.. putting it in the stand 3 times because it kept tipping (once when ornaments were already on) but we finally made it. Now some of our lights are out but oh well what can you do. Drew vowed he wouldn't get a real tree because he hates watering it and was exhausted after setting it up.. plus the fact that I have to vacuum all the time because the needles drive me nuts on the carpet. But for now we love our real Christmas tree it's a fun experience.

We went up to the cabin after Thanksgiving.. I always love going up there in the winter it's so beautiful. Perfect amount of snow to sled and snowmobile.

Thanksgiving at Janeals.. I have never actually done Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family because we always went with my dad's until my Opa passed away. It was fun to see an "american" one because we have always had German food. I missed the dumplings but loved all of the food we had!

Double date with Pyper and Kyle.. Pizza and bowling at fat cats

I made my own recipe box.. painted it and modge podge scrapbook paper on. I couldn't find one anywhere so I decided to be creative.