Thursday, September 5, 2013

Drew's sister Crystal took some pictures for us when Brooklynn was a week old and a friend from my work Whitney Hopes took them when she was two weeks old. Drew's mom Robin made tons of bows for her pictures! I think everything turned out so cute! Thanks to all the many hands (Mom, Robin, Clarissa, and Danielle) that helped!



Thursday, July 11, 2013

Brooklynn Elaine Putnam 6/17/2013

After a long 9 (almost 10) months of waiting we finally had an end date in sight. The night before being induced we took her eviction notice picture. We had to be at Riverton Hospital at 6am to start the process on June 17th. That morning when we were getting ready I felt what I thought were contractions. When we got to the hospital they hooked me up to the monitors and sure enough my contractions were 2-3 min apart but not strong. Drew and I joked she was coming on an odd day no matter what (I hate odd numbers but agreed to the induction because we wanted her here safe and soon).
They started the Pitocin at about 8am and my contractions got stronger pretty fast. I was trying to be somewhat brave and hold off on getting an epidural. My doctor came and broke my water and there was pretty much no water because she was so over due.  By 10am the contractions were hurting in my back really bad so I called the nurse and asked for the epidural. Of course the anesthesiologist was in a C-section so I had to wait until about 11am and I was a 5. Before going to the hospital I was terrified of the epidural process and that it might not work. I think I got it at the perfect time because my back was hurting so bad I could careless how much it hurt. It actually wasn't bad and it worked great.
We told my parents and sister to be there by noon because I was already a 7 but then Brooklynn's monitor was showing some dipping in her heart rate so they turned the Pitocin down and the process slowed down quite a bit. By 5pm I was ready to push. I had been bleeding for awhile but it got a lot worse when pushing. The nurse called the doctor and said she was concerned not only because I was bleeding a lot and they questioned placenta abruption but because my temp was steadily rising too. The doctor came in and told me we needed to get this baby out.
My dad was going to leave but when I was bleeding a lot he decided to stay in case I needed a blessing or something. He obviously did not want to see anything haha. This is how he sat in the corner of the room.
My doctor, Tricia Twelves was great. She got ready and I pushed twice before Brooklynn shot out all at once. No one was expecting her to come then or so fast so we were all shocked. Luckily the doctor caught her but the nursery nurse wasn't there and she was gray and not breathing and I was bleeding. The doctor quickly gave her to me while she started sewing me up. Turns out it wasn't an abruption luckily but a big internal tear. I started trying my hardest to stimulate Brooklynn so she would breath because there wasn't much else I could do without suction or supplies. My mom was pushing on my stomach to get my uterus to contract to help with the bleeding. Long story short the doctor was glad I could pretty much resuscitate my baby while she and my mom helped me. Thank heavens for nursing knowledge! The nursery nurse arrived when she was pink and crying and so her apgars were 8 and 9... we'll take them I guess! My temp went back to normal and I just had the chills from the epidural. My hematocrit went from 44 to 28 and it'll take a couple months of being tired and taking iron to get it back up hopefully.

Drew cutting the cord.

Look at that head.. or two heads! She obviously was hanging out inside of me too long. Lucky she didn't have any problems from being over due.
Brooklynn Elaine Putnam
6/17/2013   5:32pm
7lbs 1oz   19in

Drew loved that she grasped his finger and looked right at him. He is such a good dad already!

We had lots of visitors to entertain us at the hospital

First bath

Drew's comfy bed for 2 nights.. he was so tired he fell asleep during the day while talking to visitors.

Ready or not we're going home!

 Loves her swing
Drew snuck this picture... I guess her bow is too big.
We wouldn't have survived with out both of our mom's help! Robin came the first week and my mom stayed the second week. A week after she was born I woke up with chills, then sweating, back pain, and had a fever. We went to the doctor and I had a kidney infection. It was a long 3 days.. thankfully my mom took care of Brooklynn so I could take care of myself.

Bath time is usually due to her 3 blow outs a day. Drew and I have both had one happen on us and she has also peed on Drew.
Pictures taken at the hospital. I regret not buying them :(

Now she is almost a month, Drew and I are both sleep deprived depending on the day, she doesn't ever like to be put down, but we are loving her :)