Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I decided since we've lived here for 6 months now it might be fun to finally post some pictures. This is our basement apartment.
My sister bought us this I just love it
Our living room.. the corner was too sharp to fit the big couch down so we have the love seat and love sac haha

I found this neat website that puts your picture on canvas so this was part of Drew's valentines

When we were dating Drew gave me this personalized metal frame.. isn't it cute I love it.. he was pretty daring to pay for a personalized frame when we were just dating haha. I don't know why my foot is in the picture but it kinda shows my glitter toes!

Lamp in our bedroom.. the rest of the room was dirty so no pictures of it

Our entertainment center

My candlesticks and temple picture that I made.. still need to make it to hobby lobby to buy another candle

Our bite size oven.. I just noticed as I was looking at this picture that there is a drawer on the bottom.. and Drew just informed me there is pans in there.. news to me!

Super crowded kitchen!

I made this in relief society.. I love super saturdays!

The table Drew's dad sanded and basically made a whole new table out of it.. I love it I think it looks amazing!

Our dining room.. with the clock I love and couldn't find in utah but found it on clearance on our honeymoon.. it took up the whole back seat on the way home

Love rodworks!

Our laundry closet with mini washer and dryer

Bathroom with our matching personalized towels

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cheri's pictures of our wedding

This weekend we went to dinner with Drew's aunts and cousins because Liz and Nate were driving through Utah. We met a California Pizza Kitchen it was so yummy! It was good to finally meet some of the cousins and see all the ones I met at the wedding again! Cheri took a bunch of pictures at our wedding and gave us the cd at dinner.. we were so excited because we didn't have any pictures of the luncheon and now we do and lots more! Thanks for being a lifesaver Cheri! Here are some of the pictures and all of them plus more are on facebook so check them out :)
I loved the bouquet in this picture!
This one shows the back of my dress really good and why it took so long to put on!

The luncheon was at Old Mill Golfcourse. We had Italian food that was amazing! Drew's mom made these cute center pieces and bought m&ms with our names and the date on them (I've always wanted personalized m&ms I always looked at the website and tried to find an excuse to get them so it was perfect!)

We were late to our luncheon because of pictures so I didn't really get time to look around at everything it was a blurr so I'm glad I get to see it now!
This picture is adorable I had to include it.

My Dad.. he means the world to me. He has always been such a good example and I know he would do anything for me. He really is the perfect dad and I'm so lucky he is mine. He is the most giving person I know. He can sit you down and tell you when to get over stupid things, cry with you, make you laugh, and fix just about everything from emotions to cars. He and my mom have always been my biggest supports through school while encouraging me to accomplish all of my goals. Everybody I know thinks he's amazing and I do to.
During the lunch he told about a texting competition I won and how my favorite color was white in kindergarten. He had everyone laughing.

My mom... I am so lucky my mom is one of my best friends.. even in highschool. She never got mad as long as I told her the truth we could always laugh about it together. She is my bachelor watching partner and I get excited to watch it with her every monday. She will always put everyone elses needs before her own even when I procrastinate my papers until the night before they are due. She is the funnest grandma I know and all her grandkids will agree. She can be immature with me and have fun but can also give the best advice. She is a great shopping partner! She is never afraid to share her testimony. She has taught me to be caring and sensitive but to never get walked on. She is an amazing cook. She is always willing to listen to my stories about my patients after work and anwser any questions. I hope one day when I have kids I can be just like her.

Drew's mom.. she has been so welcoming to me since Drew and I started dating. I thought it was so sweet when she was speaking and said I was the only girl her and her girls couldn't find something they didn't like about me in the beginning (there's plenty not to like and I'm sure she has found some but that really meant alot to me). She was such a big help with the wedding and willing to do anything we needed help with. She makes great dinners and always invites us over. I spent a Sunday a couple weeks ago with Drew's family while he was at work and it was so fun to just talk to Robin and scrapbook. I'm always looking for people to scrapbook and talk with! Embarrassing but she still makes us bread almost every week so Drew hasn't had to go without homemade bread. She has the most organized food storage I have ever seen. She raised Drew to be the man he is and I appreciate it so much. I love being a part of their family and they make me feel so welcome.

Drew's dad.. thanks to him we don't have another expensive car probably not worth the money. He was the only one that could tell the salesman no and talk us out of a stupid decision. His sarcasm makes me laugh and a little nervous at times when I don't know if he's being serious. He is Drew's best golf partner. He is always willing to help us with anything! We have a gorgeous kitchen table because of all his work! I think Drew is such a hard worker because of the example his dad set for him growing up. He has been so welcoming to me even though the relationship started out a little different. He has been a good example to both Drew and I about how to magnify your calling in the church. He has raised Drew with the mind set to have date night every week which I really appreciate! I know he would do anything for us and am so lucky to have him as a father-in-law. I am lucky to have such good inlaws. Today is his birthday too. Happy Birthday!

The only negative thing about Richard.. he stood up and announced I was speaking at our luncheon when that was not the plan haha. I figured out threats do nothing with him or Drew. I was trying to spare the make up and avoid any tears but it didn't work so my message was just short and sweet but I'm glad I got to tell Drew how much I love and appreciate him.

I still can't believe I caught the man of my dreams. I am so lucky! Today I was sleeping because I worked all last night and at noon he came in and gave me breakfast in bed... I went back to sleep and at two he came in with lunch in bed. I think he was really bored and trying so hard to let me sleep but it was so thoughtful and I really felt spoiled today. I really am lucky I'm in love with my best friend.

Drew is much more of a public speaker than me!

I love the lighting of this picture

Jordan and Jane.. we love hanging out with them!
Thanks again to Cheri for all the pictures! Sorry for the forever long blog.. thats what happens when you can't sleep at night. Drew gave up and went to bed on his own and is now sleep talking in the other room.

Sunday Dinner

We had dinner at my parents last week and it was so much fun. The weather was perfect so we ate outside. My brother and his family are in town so it was quite the party!
My dad and Nixon
Sparklers.. the kids were amazed.. they had never seen them before

Cam playing baseball.. he's 3 and decided he didn't want to play tee ball anymore. If you remind him before you throw each ball to follow the ball to the bat he hits every one!

My sister Erin and Brynley

Kauner will be pro one day.. he's 4 and can hit over the fence everytime. He taught me how to throw a baseball and was such a good cheerleader telling me I was perfect. He can pitch the ball to the center of your chest everytime from across the yard. Drew was amazed he played for real catch with a 4 year old.

Landon... he's got quite the swing he can knock himself over

And of course Brynley loves to do everything to boys do.. great posture and everything haha. Her new haircut is so adorable but makes her look so much older!

Brayden is getting so big! He's running everywhere now!
I'm so lucky we get to see my family so much they live so close. I'm excited to have all the kiddos here for the summer and so grateful for my family!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Madison and Jonis wedding

This past weekend has been crazy but so much fun.. I had a wedding dinner, Laura's birthday party, 2 wedding showers, a funeral, a ward reunion, a wedding, and a reception all in 2 days. Drew's best friend Madison got married and Drew was the best man so we got to go to all of the wedding festivities. It was really neat to see another wedding in the temple. It was the first one I went to since mine and I didn't remember lots of it and how neat it is. They did their wedding dinner Friday at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was so pretty.. I loved their centerpieces and their speeches to each other were so sweet.

Joni is brave to try this is high heels I was impressed!

Group we hung out with the 2 days.. lots of fun to meet new people
The boys
They are so perfect together
So cute! One of my favorite pictures
We are so excited for them and are excited to have another married couple to hang out with
 Best Friends
Drew pulls off the tux oh so well haha
Le Gardin was such a pretty place to have a reception

Mission buddies
Hint: Don't use whip cream for summer weddings.. it melted everywhere! We had lots of fun decorating the car but it got a little over board because some people brought the same stuff we did so therefore.. whole car full of balloons... lots of oreos.. etc.
For those of you that don't know Madison plays on the Utah rugby team and loves Provo haha.. this part was not our idea Mad!

Jannali and me

So happy for them!