Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Finally blogging about Hawaii! It was such a fun trip full of adventures.

Hawaii airport.. that flight is a bad one especially the red eye coming home.
We showed up to pick up our rental car and they took us to these huge grandpa boats. When I saw them I thought no way am I cruising around Hawaii in that actually I wouldn't even cruise around home in one. I knew Drew would have the same reaction so I waited and finally he said um what can we upgrade to. In the end Drew was really happy and I secretly was too.

Our first condo where we spent two nights in Waikiki

Our challenger (maybe it's a charger) for the week :)

Leonards Bakery donut type things. They were delicious!

A restaurant we ate at on the beach. No wonder all the food is so expensive

you can't beat the view.

You grill your own food.. good idea to not have to hire as many cooks

and Drew obviously loved it.

The best picture I could get of Waikiki at night.

Whales someone made out of sand. They looked pretty realistic.

Shopping at the International Market Place. Drew loved to bargain but I feel ghetto. By the end up the trip we had different hand signals to say if I really wanted it or not and I was not allowed to talk and had to be able to walk away from anything.

It was amazing to watch this guy make all of these beach pictures with spray paint. We ended up buying one and love it but cannot find a frame for it.

Shopping in Waikiki at lots of stores I've only seen in movies.

Drew loves ferraris

I love watching surfers! We never had time to surf or boogie board

although I'm terrified of sharks anyways.


I love him

All I could handle

The swap meet. I loved it!

Our second condo where we spent the rest of the time. The view from our balcony. Nothing better than eating breakfast listening to the waves.

Costco pizza for lunch! It was actually the same price as here

which was a steal in Hawaii.

Trimming the trees

The best snowcones in the world hands down. My dad introduced me to it on my first Hawaii trip and I had to take Drew. Worth every penny and every second of driving to the North Shore.

Sunset beach. We tried to find Jack Johnsons house on the North Shore but no luck.

Turtle Bay Resort.. had to visit just incase the bachelorette was being filmed here.

The Hawaii temple is so beautiful! We went to the visitors center and ended up meeting a senior missionary with the same last name as Drew's grandpa. Come to find out his grandparents were there a couple weeks prior and they met also and realized they had the same name.

Why did I not go to school here?

Polynesian Cultural Center in the Samoa village. We have never laughed so hard at some of the presentations when we tried to involve Chinese tourists who didn't speak English.

Drew thinks he could do this.. I think you have to be polynesian to do it haha.

Trying to find a husband for my sister in law Clarissa :).

The luau for dinner.

I love getting Leis. We sat next to this older couple from Australia and we got to learn a lot about Australia and they gave us their info if we ever visit. We also learned not everyone had tried root beer. They kept hearing about root beer so we grabbed them a glass to try. In the end they said it was disgusting and tasted like a mixture between cough syrup and something else. Bummer.. I thought everyone loved rootbeer.

We were getting bored waiting for it to start so we played "surprise face".

An awful picture but they are Drew's favorite treat in Hawaii. I think they are called a strawberry delight served only at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

The view coming out of the elevator.

Drew ready to protect me with his scuba knife from the cruise strapped to his leg. This knife is soon going to disappear though because I found it under my pillow the other day. Apparently he wants it easily accessible because we live sorta in the ghetto but I thought I should be warned about this instead of getting comfy with an arm under my pillow and pulling out a massive knife.