Saturday, November 5, 2011


On Halloween we went out to my sister's and went trick-or-treating with her kids. Brynley was a mom "the cute kind of mom", Landon was a ninja, and Nixon was a monkey. I love these kids so much!

Drew and I were lamp shades but didn't wear it much or get a picture :(. I got the idea as I was walking out of work the morning of Halloween and some guy was wearing just normal clothes and a lamp shade. Creative people.

This picture not only makes me laugh but explains their personalities to a T. Landon is always making people laugh, Brynley has enough attitude for a teenager, and Nixon is quiet and tolerant haha.

Nixon giving Gma kisses.

Nixon caught on to trick-or-treating fast (it's amazing how quickly something comes when candy is involved) and he sat on the couch eating everything he could while yelling at anyone who tried to take his candy away.

We carved pumpkins with Jannali and Ryan at their new cute apartment. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time.

After awhile of sitting an talking.. Drew couldn't stand his carved pumpkin sitting in front of him anymore and out of nowhere punched through our pumpkin :(. Ryan and Drew took turns smashing the pumpkin to keep entertained.

Carving pumpkins with Joni and Madison. This time our pumpkin actually stayed intact.

We had my dad's birthday dinner on Sunday with Erin's family. Instead of cake we had these giant eclairs.. mmm.

The grandkids (more coming (Matt's family)in 9 days.. wahoo!)

Love you Dad! Happy Birthday!

Jannali's Shower

Clear back in September Kylie, Megan, and I threw a shower for Jannali and soon to be baby Mary Jean. It turned out super well and was totally worth all of the work and the sleep talking dreams Drew tells me about. Here is a picture of most of the people that came. We can't wait for Jannali and Ryan to have their baby any day now..

Kylie's adorable banner she made.. wish I had that skill!

Megan and Kylie

I love hanging out with these girls. All of our husbands and Jannali were friends in highschool and we all get along great. We do game nights with them all the time. They are all so creative and I love stealing/borrowing their ideas.