Saturday, February 18, 2012


Drew reading to the nursery kids. They (like all other kids) loved him. I have to remind him to be calm because one week by the end he had kids running across the table, throwing balls at each other, and he was being tackled on the ground.. yep I'm in trouble when we have kids.
My mom, dad, Landon (nephew), Drew, Landon (Drew's friend), and I went to a BYU basketball game in Drew's grandparents tickets. Landon was absolutely thrilled to sit on the floor with grandpa and kept jumping out of his seat he was so into the game.

The only picture I actually took.. for Danielle's bday we went to Texas Roadhouse and then for Christmas we all got Brian Regan tickets. It was such a fun night. The concert was hilarious I don't think I have ever laughed that hard for that long.
The whole group at Brian Regan

January was a busy but fun month. After the wedding festivities were over we went on a fun family date to Brian Regan and then bought a house! We closed on our house Jan 31st and moved in the 4th of Feb. We are still working on getting everything fixed and put away so I will post pictures when we are done. We are loving it already though! My top favorite things are:
Both being able to park in the garage
Not hearing people walk above us
Having a fridge with an ice and water maker in the door (amazing!)
Being able to change whatever we want
Having two bathrooms
Drew having an office
Having a walk in closest!
And having more room so Drew can watch tv and not bug me while I do homework
Oh and I can't forget.. not having a bite size oven and washer/dryer (I did all of our laundry in 3 loads yesterday that's amazing!)
I thought having a house was more work but didn't think it was this much work haha and it's not even summer with our big yard.
We haven't really met people yet or been able to go to our ward but we are excited to go tomorrow. I never thought I would say this but I miss the nursery kids from our old ward :(.