Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall 2011

Babysitting Brynley and Nixon at Gardner Village
I haven't been blogging very much because I've been drowning in homework/work/and attempting to keep our house clean. Drew started a new job with Rehab Specialists selling rehab equipment and is catching on well which is good cause it's 100% commission. Needless to day because we've been so busy we haven't done very many things worth blogging. Here is the update for the last couple months...

Brynley got "witches nails" and she absolutely loved it and couldn't stop smiling. She has always wanted to get her nails done in a salon like her mom.

We went to Muldunes again for fall break with Drew's family. All the pictures are out of order because I borrowed some from Crystal's blog. We were all sitting (or laying) around the campfire one night and everyone was a little on edge because a cougar had been seen in the area.. Drew was all about scaring everyone by crawling through the grass. In this picture they were all looking at stars and Drew jumped on top of them.
Dave, Kayley and Danielle

The attempt at a family picture facing the sun..

more family pictures..

Shooting targets... Drew once again was impressed with my skill :)

Cutting down lots of trees.. Drew liked the chainsaw a little too much.. everytime I hear a chainsaw I think of many many haunted house experiences.
Dave and Drew
On Sunday dinners Drew always laughs cause he thinks it looks like the "gold car mafia". My mom, dad, me, drew, and my sister all have cars close to the same color. What can I say.. it hides dirt well.
Before school started again I spent my break crafting. I love it and it is becoming addicting. (Drew can't refuse cute decorations when his wife home made them right??) I also have just discovered pinterest so there will be lots more to come. We put an offer on a house in draper but won't hear for a long time. Just incase we get it I'm preparing to have enough decorations to fill a house :)
Erin and I made these at the cabin over conference weekend. It's always more fun when you have a friend to craft with.

I also made these photos on blocks.. love it! Our engagements and
the temple we were married in.
Another babysitting trip my mom and I took the kids to sugarhouse park to feed the ducks/geese. I have to "pretend" that I'm not afraid of the ducks for the kids but in all reality I'm terrified one will attack me. This was the weirdest goose I have ever seen.

We finally both have Halloween/Thanksgiving/ and Christmas off so hopefully more fun pictures to come. I love the end of the year! Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday but since my Opa died 3 years ago around Thanksgiving I kinda dred the holiday as bad as that sounds. I miss the german Thanksgiving I grew up with every year with dumplings and most of all my opa. Every year I try to be optimistic but Thanksgiving will never be the same. It also makes me sad Drew never got to experience Thanksgiving the german way although I have loved sharing the last 3 Thanksgivings with him.