Thursday, May 16, 2013


We went on a cruise the beginning of Feb but I figured posting late is better than never :). It was just Drew and I and we booked it only a couple weeks before leaving for our "babymoon". It was so much fun! The weather was perfect, the strawberry daiquiris delicious, we watched the superbowl, we met lots of fun people, and the seven days were heaven! It was perfect timing because I was pretty much over the morning sickness so we were able to take full advantage of 24 hour eating! We went on Carnival and stopped in Belize to go snorkeling, Costa Maya to go jeeping, Honduras to sit on the beach, and Cozumel to go shopping. 

Drew took full advantage of his soda card with unlimited Dr. Peppers.

We were about to buy this mayan stone chess set until we found the lovely bug crawling on it... yuck!

Drew absolutely loved the real Mexican food in Mexico! He tried to talk me into moving there so we could eat Mexican food everyday and be serenaded while doing it. 

While the boat was taking us to the reef in Belize to snorkel we had two dolphins following us in the water... I didn't think this happened in real life! 

Naps whenever you feel like it.. amazing!