Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

It's officially Father's Day and I'm at work reading everyone's facebook status' about how much they love their dad and wanted to join in. I am so lucky to have my dad and well my whole family for that matter. Here is a list of my favorite things about my dad:

  • He has helped/encouraged all of us kids through college.

  • The way he respects and treats my mom. My mom always has to be careful when she says she likes something because he'll bring it home for her the next day.

  • How happy he gets when you say thanks with a package of sunflower seeds of mambas.

  • He can always fix anything whether its a car or your problems in life.

  • He can tell you when you are being too emotional about something and to just get over it in a nice way.

  • When he says "I'm always so happy when you come to visit" while squeezing your cheek and gritting his teeth. Even though it hurts and I have to grit my teeth to bear it I love it because thats how he shows he really loves you.

  • He has always supported me through everything even when I refused to run for talking to much in soccer practice when he was my coach.

  • The way he loves BYU football. He turns into a completely different person when he is watching.

  • He would do anything for anyone. I can't even count the times he has driven to Arizona to help my brother or dropped everything he is doing to fix our cars.

  • He is the best grandpa to my neice and nephews. He is at almost every baseball game or dance performance they have coaching and cheering.

  • He and my mom let me tag along when Drew is working.

  • He plans the best vacations!

I could keep going but don't want to make anyone jealous. Just kidding. I do have an awesome dad though and want to wish him a Happy Father's Day even though he never checks my blog :).

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Drew's Graduation

Yay! He's a college graduate! Drew graduated on May 5th from the

University of Utah in Exercise and Sports Science.

So proud of him! Now onto trying to find a job in medical sales..

Drew and Joni. One of Drew's best friends wife graduated in the same major.

Accepting the diploma

Drew's family

My family.. Matt and Nats and their kids were also there but had to leave before pictures. Thanks for being there for us!

After graduation we all went to Olive Garden. Yum!

Later that night we went over to Drew's parents to open his graduation gift.

A new grill!

Thanks for the grill and helping us set it up!

We have already used it once and loved it! Even though we looked ghetto rolling it out of our garage to BBQ our burgers. Makes us really want a house so we can have lots of barbeques!