Monday, September 19, 2011


My parents took me and my neice Brynley to PA to visit my brother, sister in law, and my nephews. We stayed in their cute house and had a blast.

Statues in the airport. My parents couldn't believe I didn't know who they were and I still don't haha.

Brynley "helping". She loved playing secretary in the plane.

It was perfect timing because we got in late and the next day when we saw the kids it was Kauner's 6th birthday.

Birthday presents

Kauner got a ipod touch.. a 6 year old.. yes I'm jealous..

he loved playing angry birds the rest of the trip and treated it like gold

Super hero costumes

For Kauner's birthday we all went to Hershey park which is like disneyland/ lagoon with no characters. They have a ton of roller coasters, kid rides, a zoo, and a water park. His parents had to talk him into going because he wanted Chuck-e-cheese. Once he got there he was sold he made the right choice.

Nats and Cam

Matt and Brayden

The merry go round.. I was choosen to go because Matt was sick after the previous ride.

They closed down all the rides for 45 min because a storm was coming so we watched this singing and dancing show. After the show they found out it was Kauner's birthday and came and sang to him. He was so embarrassed but loved it.

The frog hopper (a mini rocket from Lagoon) was the kids favorite ride. After about 10 times they finally had enough.

Brayden was too short to ride so we watched. As you walked into the park you measured yourself and determined if you were a hersheys miniature, a hershey kiss, a reeses, hershey bar, twizzlers, or jolly rancher. All of the rides had a sign of the shortest candy bar that could ride. I thought it was such a cute idea and the kids knew which candy bar they were so they could tell if they were big enough.

Feeding the ducks

My parents of all people talked us into going on this roller coaster called the Storm Runner. It takes you from 0 to 72mph in 2 seconds and the whole thing was just a blur. Natalie and I went and my parents were in front of us when I saw sunglasses hit my mom in the face while it was reaching 72mph. After she said her eyes were closed for it when something all of the sudden hit her face.. ouch! My dad liked it so much he went on it again with Matt... my parents surprised me with this one haha.

The next day we went to see the Amish town. I couldn't help but laugh and take a few pictures when I found out the Amish city is in Intercourse, PA.

I don't know if I could handle being pulled slowly by a horse watching all of the cars drive past or wearing so many clothes in the middle of summer.

Our buggy tour of an Amish farm. It was really interesting to learn about their way of life and their beliefs. The farm we toured actually provides milk for winder dairy. When in Idaho Drew has always told me this is like the cow NICU and they stay here so they are not picked on and have a fair chance from the beginning.. well the Amish agree so my hubby isn't crazy :)

The only picture of everyone from the trip and our Amish tour guide. While we were riding in the buggy and the kids were sitting next to the guide Cameron started singing "Follow the Prophet". We were confused at first but realized the beard and clothes the tour guide was wearing look like they are from the prophet pictures haha.

The Amish had an event (don't know how everyone comes ontime if they don't have batteries or electricity for clocks) but their parking made us laugh. How would you ever tell which one is yours? We also learned when they are 16 the parents buy them a buggy and a horse. Just the buggy costs about 8000 dollars and if you get the upgrades (a windshield wiper worked by hand) it's 9000. Wow! As expensive as my first car!

The best icecream!

Brayden thought it was hilarious to almost be licked by the cows.. the other three not so much.

Storytime with grandma

The next day we went to Gettysburg.. I think I learned more in one day then in my whole civil war history class. I had no idea Gettysburg was a city not a field. We took the care tour and listened to a tape as we drove around the city. Below is a picture of a panaramic picture that lit up in different places throughout the story.

Top of the scenic view my mom made me go up 100 stairs to see.

Texas Roadhouse.. good but the service here is better (my hubby)

It was so sad to leave. Cam tried to hide in the car by Brynley and started crying when his dad tried to get him out. This started everyone else crying.. I just have to keep thinking they are coming for Thanksgiving thankfully :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer with friends

The girls in my ward I grew up with planned a pedicure. I love pedicures and catching up with each other. After this pedicure though Laura and I both got a staph infection on our legs. Super gross! I've heard horror stories about getting warts or an infection and well it was pretty gross.

Boating with Bryce and Megan

The guys enjoying the hot shower on the boat after cold morning wakeboarding.

I think Megan was a little bit cold haha

Gerber daisies Drew surprised me with. My favorite flower and one of our wedding flowers.

My 4th of July craft thanks to Maria :). I just recently found wood connection and oh my goodness I love it. I will post more crafts I've done later.

Campfire at Pyper and Kyle's place

24th of July fireworks and BBQ with the Vernos.

Days of 47 rodeo with Drew's mission companion Courtney and his wife. At the end they surprised everyone with a dirt bike show.

We've had such a fun summer and I'm not ready for it to end and school to start tomorrow :(