Friday, October 22, 2010

I had a headache the other day and just went and layed in bed hoping it would go away and I knew a pill wouldn't stay down. Drew came in and gave me this HUGE strawberry daiquiri and it made my day. I love that Drew is so thoughtful and knows me and knows how much I LOVE strawberry daiquiris.

For conference we went up to the cabin with my family. I always love conference weekend.. it's so relaxing (wearing pjs all day) and yummy food.

Drew can be a party poooer when it comes to pictures :(
My mom and Jake
Dad and Nixon
Drew and I love going to Keys on Main.. it involves comedy.. good music.. and of course a miami vice or strawberry daiquiri.

Idaho for fall break

Driving to idaho.. even though I hate being in a car because I get sick I love road trips with Drew because we get to talk about random things for hours and he loves taking pictures while driving haha
The day we got there we had Crystal's yummy dinner and then the boys played football while the girls took pictures

All nice and sweaty
The next day Drew went golfing in the morning while Clarissa taught me how to make a movie on a Mac.. amazing. Then we went to the mall in Twin and started our christmas shopping (it's always a good excuse to buy things right)
Saturday morning we went to Muldoons (good thing I took a car sick pill for that drive haha) and we went fourwheeling and just hung out all day.
Drew built this amazing firepit.. that never got used because some thought it would catch the wilderness on fire.

Drew, me, Danielle, and Clarissa
The joys of helmets..
Drew's uncle and a couple cousins were up there elk hunting and one of the boys saw a skunk in this place.. Drew of course joined them to stake out the skunk and shoot it. I thought it was pretty obvious that you don't fight with skunks cause they win.. but what do I know haha. The skunk never came out so it wasn't shot and luckily no one else was either in the process.
Riding through the fields on 4 wheelers.. Drew thought I was a chicken (I'm obviously in the back of everyone) but I had reasoning too.. When they all got hurt someone had to be there to help them and that was my job :) And the fact that Drew told me over and over to bring my new shoes because it's "never muddy". Well it was.. plus it rained.. and he liked going over streams..

Thomas was so adorable.. he made a perfectly balanced teepee for the fire and Josh asked him how he knew what to do and he said Handy Manny does it (in a duh don't you know voice). There ya go you can learn spanish from Dora and how to build a fire from Handy Manny.
Drew has told me about this gun since we first met so he was really excited to show me it and shoot it. He finally talked me into giving it a try and it's actually more fun than I thought it would be.

I have gone shooting once with my dad before but it's been awhile so Drew retaught me how to stand, aim, and shoot.

Thomas even got to try the gun out! He was grinning ear to ear.
Bella. I think Kailey shot it too but I didn't get a picture.
The four little metal animals were our targets. I was pretty proud of myself I hit all of them in a row except the smallest one took me two trys. I think I impressed Drew too haha.
As you can tell Drew talked everybody into trying it.

Roasting marshmellows
Drew saw this tractor and the next thing we know he is on it determined to get it started. He got it started of course and loved driving it around.
Taking Thomas for a ride.

It was a fun trip.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I saw this questionaire on a friend's blog and since I can't download my recent pictures at work this will be my post instead because I am bored :)

What is his name? Pierson Drew Putnam

How long have you been together? since January 2008 I believe.. minus the three month break which we call Drew's brain fart haha

How long did you date? We dated for almost 2 years to the day (again minus the 3 month break)

How old is he? 24

Who eats more? I hope him!

Who said I love you first? He did.. I think.. neither of us really remember sad huh

Who's Taller? Drew.. even in my tall shoes which was a must

Who can sing better? Drew forsure but I still like to sing in the car with him

Who is smarter?depends on the subject.. street smarts and exercise I would have to say Drew.. Tv shows and nursing I think I would win haha

Who does the laundry? 95% of the time it's me unless I'm working and he needs clothes.. I hate folding socks though so they go in a box until he runs out and needs more

Who pays the bills? I do.. We split bills money wise but I pay his bills out of his checkbook for him

Who sleeps on the right side? I do

Who mows the lawn? Landlord

Who cooks dinner? Usually me but he can cook really good when he wants to... he usually makes our Sunday afternoon Mac n Cheese for us each week :)

Who drives? if he is in the car.. he is driving.. he hates when I drive and he scares me to death when he drives haha

Who is more stubborn?probably about equal so arguments will probably get interesting in the future

Who kissed who first? After dating for 3 months he kissed me.. it was upside down too.. He was sitting on the couch and I was on the love sac and I looked up and the whole thing was a blur... little weird

Who asked who out first? Well he was my server when I went to Iggys with my friends and I left my number on the ticket as a joke because we worked together.. then the next day he asked me out.. so kind of both I guess

Who proposed?He did of course

Who is more sensitive? Me by a long shot.. he is sensitive to my needs though which is perfect

Who has more siblings? him by 1

Who wears the pants? depends on the subject.. we are both pretty indecisive and like to decide things together

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Nixon is getting so big! He is such a happy baby and is always smiling this big.

Landon took a picture for kindergarten reflections and won! He was so proud! His picture is going on to the next round.. it looks professional to me!

He caught the bug and put it in the bush to take a picture.

Drew talked his family (who are all BYU fans) to run in the University of Utah Alumni 5k.

Clarissa and me... we're becoming good cheerleaders for all the stuff Drew does

They all finished!