Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our House

 Well almost 4 months after moving in I am finally posting pictures of our new house! We have loved it so far! We have done lots of projects (thanks to our families for their help) and still have some to do but it's getting there...

 Our bedroom

 Our bathroom

 Our living room with Drew in his favorite spot in our house. We hesitated buying these couches but have absolutely loved them they are sooo comfy and worth the money!

 The front room


 Rest of kitchen

Our new patio set on our partly refinished deck 

 I have been loving my new Canon camera Drew bought me and can't think of enough things to take pictures of so I took some of my favorite flowers we have planted this year (and the only ones that survived.. I don't have a green thumb that's forsure).

We are loving our new home and not living in a dark basement! I still feel like we are just playing house it hasn't really hit me we will be in debt for the next 30 years and this is our house haha. The yard work has been a huge hassel but it's coming along slowly but surely. 

May Fun

Drew turned 26! Drew and Clarissa have the same birthday so we dropped by for a picture. For Drew's birthday we went to dinner at Cheesecake factory after he got off work and to a late movie.  

We both thought this card was hilarious.. 

 Opening birthday presents.. new shoes!

 Most of you probably don't know but Drew has a secret love for classical music. While watching Dancing With The Stars we saw Jackie Evancho and both of our jaws dropped. I bought his her cd as well as Nora Jones.

We had heard great things about the mulch from the dump.. well it was an awful experience. First of all we couldn't find the actual mulch part but intead found this... the smell was so bad I was dry heaving (not surprising) but Drew was dry heaving from the combination of me dry heaving and the dump smell. We finally found it and got our mulch and then our yard smelled like dump for a couple weeks.. yuck!  

 Drew trying to regroup haha

 Celebrating Drew and Jasons birthday at my family's Sunday dinner

 Watching Landon's baseball game

 For Mother's Day Drew and I decided to make dinner for both of our families at our new house. It was good motivation to try and finish the deck and buy patio furniture. I also love doing parties.. I've decided it is my new dream job (on someones elses dime of course). Saturday night we had Drew's family over for a BBQ for Robin. Robin is a great mother in law I'm lucky to have her!

 Sunday night we had my family over for Mother's Day for a BBQ. The Mrs. Fields cookie was SO good but SO big!

 I don't know what I did to deserve my mom but she is the best! She is such a good example to me of how to be a mom and best friend at the same time. I love hanging out with her and know I can tell her anything and she will always be there for me. She is also the greatest grandma to my neice and nephews, they absolutely adore her. She has raised all of us so we know the value of family, church, and education. I know she would do anything for any of her kids or their spouses.

 Nixon bypassed the spoon and went straight for eating out of the ice cream scoop.

 Brynley turned 5! She is so spunky and full of surpises. I took her on a date to buy earrings at the mall for her birthday and she choose turtle earrings that looked like playdough despite all of the other suggestions made haha. She chose to have a ladybug family party. I love birthdays they always provide an excuse to see family. Growing up each of the cousins had a party with extended family which added up to at least once a month seeing all the extended family.


 The cake was adorable! Erin's mother in law Cheri made it.

 Cousins.. can't wait until Matt's kids are here too!

 Nixon absolutely loves "Dew"

 We bought a tent! Montana family reunion here we come! Don't worry it's an eight person tent for two people because all Drew did last time was complain there wasn't enough room in a four person tent for the blow up bed and luggage.. little high maintenance but that's why I love him :)

 Before going up to the cabin for memorial day I went to the zoo with Erin and my cousin Katie and their kids. It was a perfect day!

 This alligator sat like this the whole time.. my sister and I were joking about throwing some animal in there to see if we could get him to close his mouth (we won't mention what animal haha).

 Nixon growling at the tiger

 Hanging out at the cabin

 MMM... love fruit pizza!