Thursday, January 26, 2012

We are buying a house!!!

We put an offer on this house in Draper at the end of September. It was a short sale so we have been waiting for awhile. We finally heard the bank accepted our offer and we have to close by Feb 12th! We are really excited but kinda nervous. Inspection is done and we are most likely closing Jan 31st and moving in Feb 4th!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Danielle/Dave wedding!

Danielle and Dave's wedding was on 1/12/12. It was a gorgeous and freezing day! I love Danielle's dress it looked absolutely perfect on her! It was fun to be part of all of the festivities all day and see how happy they are. Danielle is such a sweatheart we love her. Drew has always told me no man could ever be good enough for Danielle until he met Dave. They get along great and Dave takes such good care of Danielle. The family always talks about how it is kind of creepy how similar Dave and Drew are (maybe that's why Drew likes him).

(No this isn't Drew's purple jacket he just forgot his)

The luncheon was at the Atrium. The food was delicious. This was the cute dessert with the temple chocolate.
I am lucky I have such great inlaws! Whenever I hear people's nightmare stories about inlaws it makes me more and more greatful for mine. Not only are my inlaws great but the extended family on both sides are great too.
The reception was also at the Atrium

Crystal/Josh and their cute kids
Drew looking good in his tux

Sophie and Jace entertaining themselves :). Crystal's kids are always so well behaved everywhere we go. One day I'll have to get tips from her. She has five kids yet you would never know it they are so quiet and well behaved!

The food at the reception was amazing! Robin, her sister Audra, and some ladies in the ward did it all! I don't know how they did it all but it turned out great! Danielle's favorite was homemade bread and jam.. yum!
Dave's favorites were all chocolate. Brownies, reeses cupcakes, kisses and more candy.

Right as Danielle was saying he would be nice Dave shoved cake ALL over her face. They both had cake all over their faces. Danielle is always a great sport. I would have killed Drew :).

It was a fun day! We wish Dani and Dave all the best!

Monday, January 16, 2012

~2 Years ~

Drew and I both can't believe we have already been married 2 years! It has been a roller coaster at times but we have loved every minute. I am lucky to be married to my best friend! We have such a good time together even when we are just sitting on the couch doing nothing. We both thought we knew so much about each other when we got married but now I understand what people meant when they said you don't really know the person until you are married because you find out so much more. I have loved getting to know Drew better! It's awesome always having each other for support in everything.
Who would have thought I would marry the guy I thought was cute at Iggys when we both worked together. The first day I started as a hostess my trainer told me there are two cute guys: Drew and I don't remember the other. When he walked through the door I turned and said is that one of them. Everyone used to joke, before we were even dating, that we should get married because we were the only mormons there. I accomplished my goal of getting him to ask me out and we started dating. He made going to work fun and dating was exciting because Iggys forbid you to date coworkers (we eventually found out why when it exploded for three months). After the summer break up, Drew said he wanted to try again and when I gave in (didn't take too much effort) we decided we both couldn't live without each other!
Our anniversary started when I got home from work to this set up. It was just perfect! A candlelight dinner of mac n cheese and martinellis. On our actual anniversary Drew brought me breakfast in bed, we went shopping, we saw We Bought a Zoo, and we went to dinner at Chili's. It was a fun day and I loved my surprise dinner and breakfast in bed.