Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Landon's birthday party
Nixon chew on his toes.. reminded me of the 10 year old we saw at
Low Book chewing on her toe nails.. yuck!

Brynn and Maggie with their vampire teeth
Brynley took this picture and told us how to pose
After the trunk or treat
Cutest munchkins ever
Drew and I dressed up as Danny and Sandy from grease for U-fit and our halloween game night at our apartment... I forgot to take pictures of the party but it was lots of fun! We had great food and played THINGS.. I love that game!

Drew agreed to let me die his hair black to be Danny.. he wouldn't let me do his eyebrows cause he was too nervous.. the permanent was cheaper than spray so it's stuck with it for a bit.. I think it turned out pretty good!
Carving pumpkins with Jannali and Ryan
Jannali's pumpkin
Our pumpkin.. we went to a pumpkin patch about a week ago and bought two but Drew's molded when it got wet in the snow. This pumpkin was impossible to carve because it was frozen!
He looks like he's practiced this a little too much
Halloween decorations
I love halloween because there's no stress but lots of fun things to do all month.
I saw a hat like this at swiss days but it was $30 and Drew's mom said she could make it easily.
I think it turned out even better than the swiss days one.. thanks Robin for spending so much time finding everything to make it perfect!

I fell in love with this at Quilted Bear. I love that store!
I did my own glitter toes for halloween.. so cheap and cute
BYU game in the freezing cold.. my favorite kind of games

I thought it was hilarious to watch the mad dash of people running to their cars after to beat traffic
I got to babysit Nixon at my house.. we had so much fun