Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catching up... Feb/Mar/April

Feb. was so crazy I forgot to use my camera and couldn't find my battery charger for awhile after the move. We bought and moved into our house in Draper while we were both trying to finish up school this semester. Our families and friends helped us a ton with fixing things and cleaning before we moved in (with no running water) and then moving us in. Thanks to everyone who helped us! We really appreciate it! On Valentines I used a pinterest idea and had a different gift for Drew to open every hour of the day.. cheesy I know. As soon as I handed them to him in the morning he asked if it was from pinterest haha. He has been patient with all my trying recipes and crafts from pinterest. After work we went out to dinner and a movie. That about sums up Feb.

In March my brother and sister in law had their fourth boy Weston in PA. I can't wait to meet him when they come for the month of July! Nats and the kids get to come to the rodeo and Matt joins us for our Montana family reunion.. can't wait!

In April Kylie had her baby shower for Jack. She looks adorable preggo and we can't wait to meet him in a couple weeks. We are lucky to have such a close group of friends Drew went to highschool with. 

 Our visitors we had in our back yard.  

Easter weekend we drove up to Rexburg for my graduation with my BSN!!! Finallly! Pictures to come... we drove back Saturday and drove straight to Spanish Fork for an Easter egg hunt at Crystal's house. On our way home we tried Buffalo Wild Wings despite my hesitation.. now it's one of our favorite places. In a way it reminds me of our times of Iggys with the sports and TVs and the food is fantastic! Easter day we went over to the Putnam's and had dinner and an adult Easter egg hunt.. Dave and Drew were so excited you would've thought it was Christmas.

The next Sunday we had Easter with my family. We had an easter egg hunt for the kids and had dinner. Brynley got these pjs and shoes from grandma and grandpa and we were all surprised with the pants until we realized she put the shorts and pants on together haha. 

 My sisters family.

Pyper and I did an easter craft day and got lunch at Rumbi.. yum! We both love wood connection and these are the things I made :)

Drew was a good sport (well he actually came up with the idea) and we went to City Creek the opening weekend. I loved it, the atmosphere is great and maybe one day I will be able to afford something from Coach or Tiffanys :). Can't wait to spend more time there this summer! We also tried the blue lemon cafe after we went to the temple for my cousins endowment and it is such a fun little place try it if you haven't!

At City Creeks opening Deseret Book had a coupon off anything in the store. My parents and sister have this picture and I have always loved it because it's different and contrast in colors is gorgeous. Drew found it and said we could buy it so I didn't hesitate! My parents helped pay for it for my graduation present... we love it!