Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finishing up summer..

I love spending time with Drew! We had most of the day together Mon and so we decided to make the whole day a fun date. We went shopping at Target and took turns trying on halloween costumes.. cheap but so hilarious
Drew was scared we would get in trouble so he was looking out for workers but when he had the whole suit on one walked by and said he pulled it off great haha
Some of my favorite things about Drew are he is spontaneous and doesn't get embarrassed. He is always coming up with creative fun things to do :)

Later that night we ordered pizza and watched the Bachelor Pad finale together.. he is such a good sport.
Then we went up to the place he proposed and looked at the stars and city lights

A couple weeks ago we got together with Drew's cousins that live in Utah and had dinner at Crystal's. It was yummy food and fun to see everybody.

On labor day we had a BBQ at the Putnam's for Crystal's birthday. The backyard neighbors have a chicken and baby chicks.

First BYU game of the season! Such an awesome game and Drew was a good sport to come and cheer for BYU
It was fun to have my brother Matt in town for the game too.. We got to spend the weekend with him and my parents at the cabin.. so relaxing
I got to go to Swiss days for both days. The first day I went with Drew's mom and we saw everything in about 3 hours while the boys golfed. The second day was with my family and Drew. Love swiss days and my new headband, watch, bracelet, and fudge!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Prayers Answered

As many of you know from facebook I lost my wedding ring last week. I was working a night shift so I got there at 7pm and it was bath night. After giving both babies baths, changing their sheets, going to the bathroom a couple times, and walking all around the storage room I looked down at my lanyard and saw an open safety pin which my rings were always on. My heart immediately sunk and I started searching everywhere. I text Drew at 11:30 when I noticed and could tell his was ticked/ worried. I search through every garbage I had touched.. dirty diapers and all. I woke the babies up and looked in their beds, looked in the bathroom, looked in all the dirty linens, looked in the storage room, and told everyone I could find to tell me if they saw it. After looking everywhere I could think of and praying like crazy my mom happened to call and I starting bawling to her. My mom said she would pray too and at that point I felt like I looked everywhere I could so I went back to take care of my patients. About ten minutes later the resource nurse came running into the room yelling she found them. I ran up and hugged her and asked her where they were. She found them in the storage room under neath all these racks.
I learned I will never take my ring to work again and that prayers really are answered. My whole life I have heard stories about people praying to find various things but couldn't remember a time it had happened to me. I knew the Lord knew where it was and could answer my prayer if it was supposed to be answered. I know the Lord cares about me and knows me and knew how much that ring meant to me. I am so grateful for the little prayers that are answered and the Lord really cares about everything that matters to each of use.