Sunday, January 24, 2010

Honeymoon! Part 2

We rented boogie boards and went out for a couple hours one morning. I have never done it before and he was such a good teacher we had so much fun. We were thankful for the wetsuits because the water was pretty chilly!

Drew was so sweet he drove 30 miles so that I could go to Rubys Diner. Thankgoodness for the Nuvi we found it with no problems. It was this cute little 40s diner on the end of a pier. You had to walk .3 miles to be exact down the pier to get to the diner and aw it was so much fun and so pretty. Drew couldn't stop talking about the people fishing and cutting them up outside. Gross!

One of our many walks on the beach to watch the sunset.. gorgeous!

We went shopping at Sea Port village and saw a little stand that rented waverunners (the only one that does in January) so we rented a waverunner and went cruisin on the ocean! It was alot more scary than riding on a lake but fun! We went driving and we saw a seal like 4 feet away rolling in the water. It was adorable until it went under the water and Drew freaked me out.

This is in the bear cave at Sea World but it reminded me of a story. We woke up that morning and Drew started going through he suit case and told me he had a surprise.. he pulls out the outfit he's wearing and I just started laughing. I have always told him I fell in love with him in his Iggys uniform because he was so cute so he was trying to reinact his work clothes haha.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Honeymoon! Part 1

We started out our honeymoon with driving to Vegas. Drew had never been so I figured everyone needs to experience Vegas just once. In the beginning he loved it and kept commenting on all the lights. He loved the fountain show at the Bellagio. We walked almost the entire strip in a couple hours (I warned him not to take anything being shoved at him in the street), went to the M & M factory and the Hard Rock. By the end of the night he just wanted to leave for San Diego and thought Vegas was dirty and digusting. So we cut the Vegas part short and headed for San Diego the next morning. But here are some pictures of Vegas...

Our hotel in San Diego was right by the beach so almost everynight we took long walks on the beach. It was gorgeous and perfect weather the entire time we were there.

The first night we drove past Dave and Busters and Drew said how much he's always wanted to go there so we made it a night. We played arcade games and then played Deal or No Deal my favorite show and I still got the nervous even when we were just playing for tickets. It was way fun and we even got mugs with our tickets to show for it~

The next day we went to Sea World. We sat in the soak zone for the whale show and we definantely got soaked but it was fun. There was lots to do and the whole day was so fun.

Drew was trying to copy what the trainers were doing but the dolphins didn't care.

Scary! Look at those teeth!

This was Drew's face the whole time during the whale show. He got a mouth full of salt water when we got soaked.


Polar bear cave

The rest of the trip will come late...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well We Got Married!!!

Our apartment is a mess but hopefully we can get organized and get pictures on here soon. :)