Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baby Girl Putnam

Drew and I are so excited to have a baby GIRL in June 2013!!
We found out we were expecting on Oct 1. Drew came home from work and I had these balloons on the table. It took him a minute but he finally got it and was super excited.
We decided to tell our families on Halloween when I wore this shirt for my costume. Their reactions were great.. My parents took a second to catch on but were so excited, my sister saw just the collar bone at the top of my jacket and started screaming, Drew's dad was sleeping so we never really told him but his mom said "Oh cute shirt" without realizing there was a baby and after noticing jumped up and down, and we text my brother and all of Drew's siblings and waited for their phone calls back.
We found out it was going to be a GIRL on my birthday (Dec 10th) when we did a gender check ultrasound. The pictures they gave us were so cute and made us even more excited! Drew thought it was going to be a boy and I didn't really know but we are both so excited it's a girl.. Drew already calls her princess. My neice probably gave us the best reaction since she is the only girl with 6 boys in the family. She started screaming and is so excited to babysit already. Both our moms were secretly hoping for a girl so they were thrilled.
I was super sick from about 7 weeks to 12 weeks and then it slowly started to get better. Now at 17 weeks I can finally keep most things down if I eat small portions. I guess the one benefit was I never forgot I was pregnant I always had the constant reminder of nausea haha but she will be worth it! I like to think I am starting to show a little bit now but who knows. I still haven't felt any movement and am really excited to!
Drew is a good sport looking at bedding, outfits, etc. He gets excited talking about what he can make for the nursery. He is going to be such a good dad and she is going to have him wrapped around her finger before she is even here!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Randoms of Summer

Back in May we put a new roof on our house! We didn't realize what a big project this would be or how steep our roof is. Thanks to the harnesses we didn't loose anybody. Since this huge 3 week project I have discouraged Drew from doing many projects and instead hiring someone else :). It was getting pretty hot on the roof and my job was to keep everyone fed and hydrated.. I got on the roof once and that was enough for me. We are so grateful to everyone who helped us but especially my dad, my father-in-law Richard, and brother-in-law Dave who were there day after day.
I was worried when Drew said he would ask my dad for help because I remembered my dad saying he would NEVER do a roof when they had to redo the rental house roof and hired it out... needless to say Drew asked and my dad immediately said "Sure! I'd love to!".. what would we do without parents?!

We had a girls night with some girls from my ward growing up and ate and did fake hena tattoes.It was fun catching up with everyone!


Drew and I loved going to Landon's baseball games to hang out with the family and enjoy the treats. Growing up my mom, sister, and I occassionally helped run a snack shack while my brother played baseball and I loved it. The baseball atmosphere is so fun. My cousin Logan came out for one of the games and brought his motorcycle.

Boating with Bryce and his family and Dave and Dani

Fun day at Cowabunga Bay

Snowcones while babysitting Nixon

I talked Drew into taking me to the Colbie Caillat and 311 concert. Lots of fun! Although the 311 concert was different then I remember in highschool :s haha.
 Zoo day with Erin's kids and my cousins Ariel and Logan

Landon's face after standing in front of the misty fan

BYU game with Laura.. favorite part of Fall!

Drew and I went to Swiss Days with my family and this was one of my purchases.. love it!

Witches night out a Gardner Village

Nixon and nachos at the BYU game

Baby shower for Megan Bartel
Slowly working on Drew to become a BYU fan.. he went to most of the games with me this season :)

Putnam Family Vacation

This year for the Putnam vacation we went boating a Jordanelle and stayed at a cabin close to Park City. It was super fun!

Drew loved driving the boat all day... according to him we will have a boat eventually

Danielle got up wakeboarding for the first time!

Clarissa wakeboarding.. the best face of the whole vacation haha

Mikesell got up her first time wakeboarding!

The whole group

At the end of the day the Jordanelle started and we had quite the view from the boat and a super close view as we were driving out before they closed the road. Way too many fires this year in Utah!


Sophie and Jace turned 3 and we celebrated their birthday with a Minnie/Mickey party

The day before boating we went to Seven Peaks in Provo

Family picture