Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Fun

Whitney came into town and did a show in Herriman so we went to watch... I also got a really cute pair of guitar pick earrings :)

Brynley.. I bribed her with nerds to smile.. whatever works
Earlier that day we went to the Putnam's for Jace and Sophies first birthday party. The BBQ was yummy and the kids were so cute opening presents and eating cake. I can't believe they are already one!

I love how he's eating the cake

Kauners 5th Birthday

Matt's family has been in Utah most the summer so we got to do Cam and Kauner's Birthdays here this summer. I can't believe Kauner is already 5! His birthday party was at a park with dinner and games for the kids. Landon and Kauner think they are so funny when they get together it cracks me up.
The cake Natalie made.. so cute! They even used dry ice to make smoke come out around the dragon.
Nat's also made capes for all the kids they all loved their adorable capes
When Brynley saw Drew she just backed away slowly without saying hi. She was scared of him and wouldn't even talk when normally she is all over him. When we saw her a couple days later after the splint was gone she kept asking where his bandaid went and said it scared her haha.

My cousin Ariel and me
The pinata was a dragon
Jason and Nixon

Kauner was so shy when everyone started singing to him. Cameron had been trying to catch a bee all day and finally he caught one and found out first hand that bee stings hurt and they shouldn't be caught.

Drew update

When Drew started feeling a little bit better he started getting inpatient with just laying on the couch so instead he sat in a chair and taught me and Clarissa how to put up a tent so we could sweep it out. I'm just glad he started feeling a little better finally when they gave him the right medications.
We tried coming home Sunday (almost a week after surgery) and he lasted about 3 hours before he said it was really hot in our apartment and he didn't have a comfy couch. We called Drew's parents and his mom said come on over again. We ended up staying until the next Saturday because I worked three of the days.
We went to the doctors on Tuesday and they said his mouth looks great and pulled the stints out of his nose. We had thought they weren't putting stints in so we were surprised when this HUGE piece of plastic was pulled out. Drew looked like it hurt pretty bad but the doctor said he was surprised he was smiling when he walked in. I guess most patients a week out are still hating life. Drew never had much bleeding so we are really lucky! He finally wanted to drive so bad that he didn't take a pain pill for 6 hours so he could drive to Smiths. He has his splint off his nose now too and the first couple of days it was crazy to look at him because I never knew him when he had a straight nose! It's super straight now and looks great. He's back to normal two and a half weeks later but says he wouldn't have done it if he knew had bad it would be. He starts work this weekend and already started school. Back to real life :(
Sure glad we decided to wait and do surgery in the summer instead of 10 days before we got married! We're grateful Drew's family let us stay so long too! It was fun to always have entertainment and someone to talk to when Drew hurt to talk.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Drew's surgery

This past Monday Drew had surgery and they basically Roto-Rootered his face. He had his tonsils taken out, his uvula trimmed, his soft palate reconstructed, his turbinates trimmed, his deviated septum fixed, and they broke his nose inorder to straighten it. We got to the hospital at 7:30 and didn't leave until after 3:30. He was nervous before but I think I was more nervous because I have seen lots of surgerys done before and didn't want anyone intibating or being rough on Drew. I was ok until I would picture it in my mind so it's a good thing Drew's mom was there so we could keep each others mind off of it. The surgery only took a little over an hour and then the surgeon came in to talk to us. He said everything went well and we would see Drew in 20 min.. well over an hour later we started getting worried. They finally brought Drew in and said he had a hard time waking up. As they were getting him settled he started vomiting blood and I lost it and started crying. Not until today did I ever understand when my mom would say she wished she could take the pain for me. I wanted so badly to take it from him so he could be comfortable. I hurt to see him so miserable.
They had given him Fentanyl already and we noticed this rash all across his chest so they said to add that to his list of allergies in the future. The rash went away quickly but he started to get cold so we put a warm blanket on him and the rash would come right back. He was in really bad pain so next they tried Dilaudid and gave him a couple doses and nothing happened.. they couldn't give him anything orally because he had nausea so it was basically a waiting game. Finally they gave him some liquid Lortab and that seemed to help a little. He woke up a little and I was rubbing his neck and the rash started all over where I touched. The doctor was called but wasn't concerned so we just waiting some more for pain control and him to wake up. Finally, at 3:30 ish we got him partially dressed and got to come home. When we got to our house he wanted to go to his mom's so we hurried and packed everything up and headed to his Mom's.
This picture is at his mom's the second day. We're so glad they let us crash here and are willing to help. The first night be barely slept cause he was in pain and was up to the bathroom about every hour. The second day was a little better.. he was still in quite a bit of pain but was able to sleep a little more and walk by himself. His throat hurts to talk so Danielle has been helping by translating his sign language so he doesn't have to talk. He didn't eat for the first day and a half but is starting to eat a little better now. Poor guy is just so miserable. The second night was better he only woke up 3 times. Jannali, Ryan, Landon, Madison, & Joni have all come to visit so it has better good for Drew to see somebody but the family all day haha. We tried to go to Smiths today to get more pain meds and he made it from the car to the pharmacy window and was hurting and had no energy so we resorted to the motor shopping cart. Still a little early for him to get out. We hope tomorrow to get the pain resolved and for it all to be down hill from here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Drew and Landon decided months ago they wanted to do a triathlon.. well it came too fast and both of them had barely practiced at all so we were a little worried and so were they
BAM: Battle At Midway 1 mile swim, 22 mile bike, 6.3 mile run

All the men doing the olympic triathlon

Drew is the one about to turn the corner .. we finally spotted him in the middle of all the orange caps
Coming up to the finish line
Running to the bike

1/3 done
finishing the bike
how he had energy after to run I don't know
2/3 done
I love this picture because I know he's completely exhausted but he's so determined to finished he doesn't stop
Nice sweat marks from his camel back

When Drew started to get really tired before his last lap his dad ran with him to give him some encouragement.. is it just me or do they run the same?
On the last stretch I was trying to run with him to tell him good job and he was so close don't stop.. well good thing it wasn't me doing the triathlon because I was tired after running probably 200 yards.

Drew crossing the finish line.. yay!!!
His family was so sweet to come up and support him.. I liked the company tooNice and sweaty but finished!
The best smile we could get
I'm so happy for both of them.. I had a lot of fun running around trying to find them to get pictures
They both want to do another one but want to train before next time haha
So happy I married my best friend!