Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally... The Reception Pictures

I figured since our 3 month anniversary is tomorrow that I should finish adding wedding photos. So here are lots and lots of pictures from our reception at Heritage Gardens :)

My colors were lime green/ fushcia/ and black.

Bridesmaid and toss flowers

All my nephews :)

Drew and his best man Madison

My brother and his boys


Thomas (lots of pictures of the kiddos because the are the cutest part)


Drew says "studs"

All the minature groomsmen

I don't know this was there first reaction when they were told a funny picture.

Kailey and Me

Drew and his sister Clarissa

The Putnams

The picture almost doubles when Crystals kids are added!

My sister in law Nats, Brayden, and me

With my brothers and sisters

The Eyssers

Maid of Honor (my sister) and me

My dad :)

One of my best friends since 7th grade Em

The flowergirls


Wedding Party

My aunt Janeal (and second mom) and my mom

Sister and her family with one on the way :)


We had crepes/ hot chocolate/ and fruit

Haha Kailey is doing a good job of being the look out

The quilt my aunt Pam made us for our present.. it's gorgeous.. I've always looked forward to getting aunt Pam's quilt when I got married and couldn't wait to see what it was going to look like. Wish I could do those kind of things!

Danielle and Bella

Kauner climbing up the outside of the stairs. Can you tell the photographer loved following the kids around for entertainment??

We loved the temple pictures Kelly drew for us!

Doesn't this look like it could be on a greeting card..

The present takers who were having competitions throwing presents... good thing nothing was broken
Cam helping play the piano :S

Jace and Sophie

Scrapbook pages

Having issues trying to figure out how to cut the cake together

Throwing the bouquet for the first time before it hit the ceiling

The second time with flowers missing

Third time is the charm

The garter

Drew struggled too and had to do it twice

My cousin Heidi who caught the bouquet

The dancing

Trying to figure out how to dance with my dress dragging behind

This is how me and dancing mix.. poor Drew he loves dancing

The best cake ever! Raspberry cream cake

Ryan looking for some advice ;) jk

What would we do without my brothers

The end of the best day of my life!