Monday, July 12, 2010


Drew's mom's side had their family reunion at Redfish Lake in Idaho. It was fun to see everyone again. We left my cabin after the rodeo Monday night and drove to Jerome. We arrived at 230am and couldn't find the key so we searched in the dark for about an hour. It was so dark I would try to park the car wherever Drew was looking and shine the lights. It was pretty entertaining but we finally found it. We left the next morning for Redfish.

Our new camera has a smile mode so we were having Drew's family try it out. It's really neat it takes a picture as soon as it senses a smile.

Drew before family pictures and I wonder why he gets along with kids so well haha

The Putnam's

Clarissa and me

The Cox family

The girls

The kids

The entire family

This was a hilarious game to watch. Everyone has to hold hands and whoever knocks down the middle contraption is out. Basically they threw all the little kids into it and it looks like Danielle is next in this picture haha

On the beach

cute Bella

I don't even know what these boards are called but the family rented 2 of them and Drew figured out the tricks and tried to teach everyone... you balance on the board and then you have a paddle to help you get around... it was pretty funny to watch. They talked me into trying it and I actually did it my first try! I was trying really hard because the water was freezing and I was not about to fall in up to my neck.

Drew's a kid at heart with his huge sand castle

So beautiful

I was a little nervous but I figured out.. Drew can drive a boat.. at least a little one

The other boat who had a near death experience haha. Danielle was driving and avoiding hitting our boat when all of the sudden you couldn't see Drew's parents and Danielle was screaming and covering her eyes. I can't laugh cause I would have done the same thing.


This view is called the gates of heaven. So pretty

Redfish Lake Lodge

Outdoor concert

The second night Drew and I had our own cabin. It's adorable and the bed was so comfy! Drew now wants a memory foam bed for our house too.

Our porch

I fed a deer! They eat cheerios!

It felt like feeding a horse

Drew fed it the whole box by the end.. that's a lot of cheerios for one deer

Danielle after we did glitter toes

Glitter toes were a big hit and lots of fun

4th of July at the cabin

Every year we go up to my cabin for the Oakley celebration.. it's my absolute favorite and I look forward to it all year. My family and the Verno's have been going since before I was born. The Bond's used to come up every year too so we went to 2 rodeos but since they moved to California and some to New York they haven't come up again until this year. This was Drew's second year coming up and he survived again. It was such a fun weekend!
I'm still working on this whole blogging thing and so all of the pictures are in reverse order. This is at the second rodeo we went to.

If you look really close you can see this huge horse stuck on the fence.

At the kids rodeo... I thought this picture was adorable.

The little kids can sign up to ride a sheep and the older ones ride a calf. It was so funny to watch. Landon, Cameron, and Jackson Bond all rode one but I only took video so I don't have pictures.

They even have little kid clowns to protect the kids from the sheep
The greased pig chase.. it made the most horrible noise as probably 10 kids landed on top of it. Don't worry it survived and was fine

The older kids chase calves that have a 5 dollar bill taped to their head. Usually it's on their tail so it's easier but this year I guess they wanted more entertainment. There were 3 kids that the calves ran straight into and leveled them to the ground.

The chicken chase... if you catch a chicken you can keep it or get a dollars. Jackson Bond actually caught one.. gross

My Dad walking back with Cameron

The kids lined up ready to go

Brayden and I

We couldn't help but laugh at how prepared he came to ride a sheep.. shin guards, knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet

At the parade

The kids and all of their candy

The pooper scoopers... the Verno kids and my family used to be in the parade every year until we were like 14.. it was so much fun I miss those days.

My handsome husband

My mom and Nixon

Cam.. he's just so cute I want to squeeze his cheeks

All of the kids watching Kung Fu Panda with popcorn
Bull riding.. have you ever noticed the bull fighters calfs? Massive! Can you imagine doing that for your career...

Rodeo #1

Drew caught this shirt.. he's pretty proud of it

Heather and Landon

My brother's family.. Nats and the kids are in Utah all summer but Matt has to travel for his medical school rotations until our family reunion.. we miss him

Can you tell we love our new camera?

My mom and me

One of my friends Kayla started a recipe blog and so lately I've been trying a lot of recipes from it.. they have all been great! These are red white and blue cupcakes I made for the kids when I was in charge of dessert.
We had so much fun.. can't wait until next year!