Saturday, April 9, 2011

The beginning of the vacation

Waiting at the airport

Our hotel in Fort Lauderdale. After we all got there we went to eat at Dave and Busters.
Our cruise ship room. Our view was over the Promenade where the shops and parades take place. The kids rooms were all right in a row and my parents just down the hall.

Finally here! The beds were super comfy and it was amazing being rocked to sleep every night. The first couple days it was pretty windy and you could feel the boat rocking which made walking entertaining. After the first couple days you couldn't tell you were on a boat the weather was perfect.
Sporting our lifejackets before the drill
The hangout place was my parents room
In Miami waiting for the ship to leave and Jason showing off his guns.

The main pool deck. The first night we watched march madness on the huge screen and sat in the hot tub pleasing both parties haha.
They had Shrek, Fiona, and a couple other disney characters on the ship.

Oh how I miss the strawberry daquiris
The flowrider was a big hit. The guys loved doing it and I liked watching people try to do it.



The first dinner
The first formal dinner
This guy was a comedian and singer. He was absolutely hilarious and did the best impressions.
I love Drew! He takes such good care of me and spoils me.

Lava flow

Always love the towel animals.

The Promenade
80s dance party

St. Thomas

In St. Thomas we all went to Sapphire beach and went snorkeling. The beach was pretty but not a whole lot to see while snorkeling. We did go over a reef and got in trouble because it was only about a foot under and we could get hurt.

Everytime I snorkel it takes me awhile to get used to it. I will always swallow a couple mouth fulls of salt water and try breathing through my nose.

On the way back to our ship the bus stopped and showed us the view. It is gorgeous! Our ship is the one in back.

After snorkeling hair for everyone

My hair was an absolute rats nest. It took me and my mom and conditioner left in to get through my hair.
The view from the top deck as the boat was pulling away

The ice skating show on the ship. They were all amazing even on such a small ice rink.