Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July Festivities :)

While we were getting our vinyl fencing done I looked out the window and saw the fence guy holding a turtle and thought oh that's weird he brought his turtle to work with him.. later I went out and he said they found this turtle in our garden... weird! Brynley and Landon had fun playing with it while Nixon was scared to death. Later my neighbor came over and said it was their turtle they lost 4 years ago... I was shocked until he later told Drew it wasn't the same one.. we never found who it belonged to so our neighbors kept it. 

Taylorsville Days with our friends 

Bummed the picture of everyone turned out way crappy 

Draper Rodeo with our friends 

The cow milking contest.. I had never seen this before and it was hilarious! 

Sharing my snowcone with Mary.. She was very into it! 

Smores at our house after with our new firepit :) 

Love these girls! 

We were all entertained by Bryce eating his smore 

My cousin James came home from his mission 

July is my favorite month... more pictures to come!

4th of July

For the 4th of July we spent the weekend at the cabin with my family. It's always my favorite weekend of the year and this year was no disappointment. My sister in law Natalie and her four boys came for part of the time from PA and I finally got to meet my new nephew!  
Nixon's favorite activity of "washing" the dishes in his helmet. I think he thought he would get more rides if he always kept his helmet on and it worked for Grandpa who couldn't say no haha.

Tennis in cowboy boots

Someone saw a badger at the end of the cabin hill and of course "to protect the kids" the guys decided they needed to kill it with water and shovels. They dumped water down the badger holes and waited but could never actually find the badger. We were making bets that they would all scream like girls and run when it came out but we never got to see.

Rodeo time!


The bullriding is my favorite but it gives me anxiety. One of the cowboys got thrown off but his hand was stuck in the rope. Everytime the bull bucked the cowboy went flying and one of the clown's leg was hit by the bull.. finally a clown pulled out of knife and cut the rope.. ouch!

Cam and baby Weston

Rodeo with my cousin Katie's family.

Kids rodeo.. Mom and aunt Arla

chasing pigs


Nixon waving to get more candy
The best pooper scooper float I've seen

Parade with my dad's brother Roland's family

It was such a fun weekend filled with rodeos, a parade, family, and yummy food! Can't wait until next year!