Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cabin Trip

Every year we go up to my family's cabin for the week between Christmas and New Years. We love sledding, eating, and playing games up there. This year we tried pulling sleds behind the snowmobile so we didn't have to pick the kids up at the bottom of the hill.
Kauner and Landon
Brynley and Cameron
This picture is my favorite.. they are best buddies and Cameron is getting the booggers with his tongue.

Nats and Drew

Drew and my snow angels
Decorating the gingerbread house
Cameron eating icing straight from the bag

Oh I love him!

Erin and Jay
Attempting to take a picture together and my nostrils flared

Again with the nostril flaring but we had no decent pictures
Nats and Cameron
Erin, Brynley and Cam
Bum sliding because the hill is so steep you go right into the tree.. found out the hard way
Painting nativity sets
I look forward to this week every year! I love spending time with my family and can't wait for the cruise... family and laughing for 10 days straight :)

Christmas 2010

Since I had to work Christmas I sent Drew with the camera to his family because I wanted to make sure everyone liked their presents.

While I was working Drew text me and said he was outside my unit to say hi. I was so excited he came to visit me. When I walked out his parents and Danielle and Clarissa were around the corner to surprise me too. They brought these veggie trays and candy bars for all the nurses in the NICU working Christmas. It was such a good surprise! They are so thoughtful and sweet to come visit me it made my day. Drew came up later to eat hospital food with me too.. what a sacrifice to eat hospital food on Christmas with me haha.

Bella is so stinkin cute!
Clarissa and Sophie
Drew helping Thomas put together the legos we got him
The picture frame all the kids got Richard.. they even planned another trip to Redfish because he saw pictures of last year on the frame.. so the present is benefitting us too.

After I got off work we drove up to Ogden to go to the last part of my family party. We ate dinner and talked with family then came home at 11:30 and opened our Christmas presents for each other. Not really the 1st Christmas married I wanted but we still got time with each other.
Our sunglasses from our stockings

Drew thought he needed as many swimming suits as I claim to need for our cruise so we settled with 2 new swimming suits.

I had such a hard time choosing stockings for us so we went with these ones for this year and maybe next week we can order the ones with our names on them.

I love the Christmas Season! Can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to breakfast at Drew's parents, iceskating, to my parents for lunch, and Heber with my Dad's side for dinner. Every Christmas since I can remember we have had Danish Pastry. I look forward to it every year and am slowly learning how to make it with my mom each year. My family celebrates their Christmas on Christmas Eve because Christmas Day is usually with inlaws. My dad is also from Germany and that's their big day to celebrate.
First we read the Christmas story

Poor Brayden broke his collar bone falling off a bed so he has had to learn to use his left hand for everything.

All the nephews and neice bribed to smile before they got there presents. I love these kiddos!

Opening presents
Kauner got a Nerf gun which was the main hit at the cabin later.

My mom is the hardest person to shop for because she never wants anything. I was doing my online shopping and came across this ginsu knife set and knew my mom never stops talking about her ginsu knives. I was so excited to find a present she really wanted but never knew it haha. Her excitement made my day.
Binnie with her new American Girl Doll

My dad made each of us this book about our trip to Holland Lake last summer. It was so fun looking at pictures and talking about memories.

My dad also gave us a cruise book he put together with all the cruise info and excursions to choose from. Along with the book we got our cruise tickets and a coupon for money to use on the cruise! So excited it's only 2 1/2 months away. I think cruises are the best vacations and I'm excited for Drew to experience his first cruise. Aw can't wait!!!
We also got a GPS for Christmas from my parents for vacations and because I always get lost. We have loved it already!
Me and Erin
Nats, Erin, Brynley, and me
Brynley was told she could only stay in the pictures if she smiled.. from the next couple pictures you can tell that didn't happen

All the Eysser girls and my best friends :)

We went up to Heber to my uncles Roland's house and fooseball was a big hit

They played a 2 on 2 and all of them were so competitive over fooseball that they had sweat dripping down their faces

Every year we have huge sub sandwiches for dinner and then play the candy bar game while someone reads the "right" and "left" story. Somepeople can't keep up and it's funny seeing how many candy bars they end up with by the end of the story. We also do a white elephant gift exchange with another story. This year we were supposed to bring gag gifts instead of nice ones.
Santa has come the last two years and then finally we sing Silent Night in English and German to end the night. I love Christmas Eve every year.

Brayden was not a fan of santa haha
Brynley would actually talk to santa this year. Last year she spent the time bawling.
Nats got this Hershey towel from the white elephant and was excited cause they are moving to Hershey, Penn in June
Roland got live fish.. what a good idea!
Drew got toilet paper and I got a candy bra.. embarrassing. Everybody thought it was hilarious. It's even better because my aunt bought the candy bra at the german store haha.

Earlier during the day we had scones at the Putnam's and went ice skating at the Galivan center. We haven't been ice skating for a couple years so it was fun to try again.
Drew and his skills

Clarissa was dragged off the wall by Drew and Danielle. She did really good but her face in this picture is hilarious.

Clarissa and Danielle

We had such a fun Christmas Eve! We made the most of it and went with both families because

I had to work Christmas Day.